Core Beliefs

God calls us to be faithful pillars in His house.  While the primary function of a pillar is support, it can only serve its function if it is built on a solid foundation.  Jesus Christ is the foundation and Chief Cornerstone upon which our 7 pillars stand.

  • Faith
  • Love & Unity
  • Vision
  • Witness
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Excellence
Our faith in God and trust in His Word compels us to believe Jesus for the impossible
We relentlessly love God, each other, and the people we minister to and serve
Through prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, we pursue the vision of fulfilling the Great Commission
We seek to make the good news of the Gospel the primary message of all our outreach and service endeavors
We believe in transparency, vulnerability, accountability, and we seek to uphold high character regardless of the personal cost
We believe that humility opens the doors for God’s strength, wisdom, gratitude, and most of all compassion
We believe in the pursuit of excellence as a habit, the pursuit of a lifetime, and a commitment that must be continually renewed.  We honor God by doing the best we can with the gifts and abilities He gives, giving all Glory to God and stewarding everything with excellence

Wisdom has built her house. She has made seven pillars to hold it up.

Proverbs 9:1