Discipleship Training Program

At I516 we want to help you become a thoughtful and global Christian through discipleship training and cross cultural engagement.

Once you sign up for a trip, you will participate in our Discipleship Training Program, called Developing Your Wings

Before You GO
  • Attend 4-5 training sessions
  • Topics of study:
    • How does a Christian grow and the ministry of the interior
    • The Central Passion of Christianity – The Cross of Jesus Christ
    • Gospel Identity – Who do You Say I am – And do You Believe it
    • God’s missional Call to Reach Every Race, Tribe, Nation, and Language -Cross Cultural Understanding and Cultural Competency
During Your GO Trip 
  • Recount the experiences, encounters, and details of each day
  • Worship and prayer time
  • Topics of Discussion:
    • Who is the Holy Spirit and how do I walk in the power of God
    • The Role of Suffering in the Christian Life and How do I Walk with God During These Times
    • How Can We Love, Serve, and be More Culturally Minded
After Your GO Trip
  • We will meet one time socially to laugh, share photos, memories, a meal, and communion together
  • Our second meeting will be a debriefing to answer any questions, concerns, or suggestions you have
  • Finally, we will stay connected to help you get "plugged in" and "helped out" wherever your discipling journey takes you
  • After all, you came as a friend, now you are family.


Missions Will:  
Enlarge Your heart
Expand your vision
Stretch your faith
Deepen your compassion
Fill you with deep joy you have never experienced

We pray you find this:
The purpose of your life is found in the extravagant and undeniable love of Jesus Christ, which compels your life to be filled with unquenchable joy, reckless generosity, and fearless faith.